SLOT CANYON, Watercolor, Full sheetGreetings from Sunny (cold) Arizona!

Hi, Folks!

I’m back in AZ for the winter!  It’s been a rather cold, wet winter, with a week of freezing temperatures.  My orange and grapefruit trees and many flowers  have suffered. However,  I love reaching over my fence and plucking the sweet fruit from the tree to make freshly squeezed juice!  As the saying goes… “when life gives you lemons… make orange juice!”

One great week in January Felix and I spent exploring Kauai, Hawaii.  Again, lots of rain but opportunities for Jeep rides on rain-soaked tropical back roads and far out beaches.

Golden Hills

Golden Hills

I attended the National Watercolor Society’s opening in San Pedro, CA for their annual show. What a thrill to see my painting, “Red Rock Country” among such great works.  In January I flew to the Bay Area and attended the opening of the California Watercolor Association’s national show. It was an honor to have my painting, “Golden Hills” included! It was one of the most professional and colorful shows I have ever seen.

I am very pleased to have been chosen to participate in several up-coming art shows in CA, AZ, TX and OR.  See my  calendar for details.

Now it’s time to get back in the studio and get busy.

In AZ I’m constantly amazed by the dramatic sunsets and “walking rain” (called Virga), rain that never touches the earth. The incredible colors and dramatic shapes of AZ mountains, rocks  and clouds keep me inspired. Hopefully, my paintings will reflect this beauty…lots of reds, oranges, and yellows!

Walking Rain

Walking Rain

I’ll be back in Hood River, OR, in April.  Time will be spent outdoors getting my garden ready and setting up my geraniums on my back deck.  And then I’ll return to my paintings of Mt Hood, the Hood River Valley and the Columbia Gorge area…lots of greens and blues!

I always look forward to returning to Hood River and my friends, “The Pear Walkers”! We will hit the pavement each morning for our 3 mile walks through the pear orchards. Spring is beautiful and I love watching the growth of pear blossoms through to harvest. It’s a great place to live!

Best wishes to you!

Sally Bills Bailey